Wednesday, October 15, 2008

West Virginia Halts New Voting Machines

Ohio and Hancock county officials wanted more voting machines in time for the Nov. 4 general election, but the West Virginia Elections Commission has opted not to certify the new devices.

At question are new parts and modifications within the machines now being manufactured by Elections Systems and Software of Chicago, the state's vendor for touchscreen voting equipment. The changes have not yet been reviewed and approved by commission members.

Summers County also had requested additional devices.

Local elections officials said they had been simply seeking to add some additional devices to those they presently had, and that elections won't be affected by not having more machines.

Hancock County had been seeking seven additional devices, County Clerk Eleanor Strait said. The county presently utilizes 86 machines for elections.

In Ohio County, officials had wanted 10 more devices to add to the 163 presently in use, said Toni Chieffalo, county coordinator of elections.
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