Thursday, October 16, 2008

Does the USA Have an Empire?

And we're going to carve it up any way we want!

America has sliced up our planet into 6 sectors called Unified Combatant Commands (UCCs). The above map shows the actual boundaries of our UCCs - each of which is complete with military hierarchies, ships, planes and troops deployed. We have spread some 700 bases throughout the far corners of OUR WORLD.

What would Americans think if the Chinese viewed the world like we do - and we were under the heel of one of their Commands? What if the Russians had 500,000 troops stationed in 130 of the world's 193 countries? What if Iran had massive occupation forces in Canada and Mexico, effectively sandwiching us in on both sides like we have done to them? What if North Korea sent 14 carrier battle groups lurking around the world's oceans, augmented by numerous other war ships and nuclear missile submarines?

Do you think this might make us just a little bit nervous?

Maybe we should try putting ourselves in the other guys shoes for a change, before blindly swallowing the party line that, "they hate us because we're free."

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