Saturday, August 16, 2008

Swiss Newspaper covers Anti-RFID Campaign and mentions Ron Pauls CFL

Some of you may know the tireless work of Roger aka swisstiger, the guy from Switzerland running the bilingual german/english site Ron Paul Europe Network - . He had recently to reduce his commitment for this online project due to a new threat to liberty in his country: the introduction of a new passport with RFID - chip and biometric fingerprint by the Swiss federal government.

A bill introduced by the governing coalition parties to comply with the Schengen Agreement to remove all frontier controls and permit free movement of persons between the European Community and non EU-Member Switzerland got a majority in both chambers of Swiss parliament.

This bill exceeds by far the requirements of the Schengen Agreement and implicates the strictest law worldwide by forcing the whole Swiss population to deliver their biometric data (fingerprints and biometric foto) to their government. Yet the Swiss constitution provides for a unique instrument for the people to block and bypass unpopular legislation: a referendum by the people.

With other freedom-loving Swiss Roger started the Freiheitskampagne to popularize the idea of a referendum to overrule parliaments decision. Freiheitskampagne, which means Freedom Campaign, found instant support among a wide range of the political spectrum. Starting from right wing patriots to conservative groups, politicians from left and right wing parties to the national Green party, socialist and even communist groups, but also Human rights groups. Currently their work is in full progress to get the quorum of 50.000 signatures necessary to file for a referendum and, after the first month, they are on a good way to reach this goal.

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[Source: Campaign for Liberty at the Daily Paul - Ron Paul Wins! - Posted by FreeAutoBlogger]

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