Saturday, August 23, 2008

Let us take Minneapolis!

2008 Michele St. Pierre | August 21, 2008

American History is replete with important key turning points, where freedoms ability to exist hangs by a very thin thread. This is such a time. We are involved in a titanic, epic, classic confrontation. The stakes could not get any higher. Right now the forces FOR freedom and the forces AGAINST freedom are on the move. The forces AGAINST freedom will be gathering in Minneapolis on August 31st to anoint their candidate John M. McCain to ascend to the Presidency of the United States of America (one more in the line of the puppet presidents). The media minions followed their orders and blocked the American people from hearing the one candidate who was offering an alternative to bankruptcy and ultimate slavery, the one candidate who had a plan to defeat the looters and rid us of the parasitical elite. Through elections that were probably rigged and conventions that certainly were, the Thomas Jefferson of our time was seemingly defeated.

But the people who believe in Ron Paul are still out there, still organized, still in place and they are furious that an unelected elite
cartel of predator criminals aided by a bought and paid for intellectually bankrupt media is taking their country and assigning our candidates. They will do anything, risk anything, tryanything to take back their America (the America of the Constitution, justice, liberty, sound money and the Bill of Rights).

Are you one of them? Do you realize what is at stake? Do you have the willingness to make a small sacrifice in the fight of a lifetime? This is happening here in your country, on your watch.

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