Thursday, August 28, 2008

And you think this is not a police state? Part II - RNC

xntryk1 said it best on the other thread:

I KNOW this is a police state...and I've been well aware of it, for quite some time. We're not "on the verge" or "almost" or "heading towards." We're already there.

The fact that EVERYONE hasn't felt the boot on their neck (yet), doesn't make it any less of a police state. When ANY American is subjected to gov't tyranny, ALL could be.

The fact that most people don't seem to grasp that basic concept, is precisely why most people haven't been subjected to it (yet). The gov't knows that the vast majority are too scared (of it) to risk losing everything - including their life - by daring to break it's BS "rules." But as soon as someone STOPS being a slave, and dares step out of line - the man comes, and he takes you away. Meanwhile, the sheep go back to grazing.....

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