Monday, July 14, 2008

Bush tells Israel to go ahead and bomb Iran? Gives "Amber Light"

Amber means get on with your preparations, stand by for immediate attack and tell us when youre ready, the official said.

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[Source: Breaking News from - Posted by The King Of Videos; VIDZ KING]

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John Maszka said...

Nous Tenons Á Notre Avis

It is in our nature to believe that our opinion is the right opinion. But everyone, be they liberal or conservative, understands that another war will break the back of the American economy.

Add to this the fact that Iran has over ten million men of military age, and it becomes an issue of blood and treasure. The only way that America can stand against such opposition is through a prolonged campaign of lethal air strikes, which will involve the slaughter of innocent civilians and bring the rightful outrage of the entire world upon our heads.

Not only would an attack against the sovereign state of Iran be wrong, it would be extremely foolish.

President Bush-
Il ne desire pas paix
Il ne desire rien mais guerre.
Il tient un livre de douleur et larmes
Il tient á ouvrir.
Il ne parait pas que il comprend
Il ne s’agit pas de legs…
Il ne faut pas ouvrir ce livre
Il ne contiennent que mort.