Sunday, March 16, 2008


On March 19, 2008, we will set up a nonviolent blockade of the national Internal Revenue Service headquarters in Washington, DC, as part of the day of actions against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Just as military recruiters supply the bodies for the war, the IRS supplies the funding. Just as some soldiers have the courage to resist the war, we — as tax payers — should have the courage to resist paying the taxes that send soldiers to war. We call on all war opponents to help dramatize our opposition and to disrupt business as usual by joining this nonviolent blockade.

For at least this one day — March 19, 2008 — we need to create a disturbance in the smug complacency of the IRS/Pentagon money-axis.

The Scenario
We will gather in our affinity groups at 7 am on Wednesday morning, March 19, at McPherson Sq., 15th & K Sts. NW. From these areas we will march — with the Rude Mechanical Orchestra — to the IRS main entrance at 1111 Constitution Ave. (at 12th Street), NW, and across from the Smithsonian’s Museum of Natural History. Once at the entrance, some of us will sit down to prevent the IRS from opening as usual, while others will hold signs and banners, pass out flyers, talk with passersby, and generally call attention to the cost of the war and our collective responsibility to stop funding it.

Legal Information
Click on this 5yearstoomany link to find a summary of legal information for Washington, DC, particular for those risking arrest.

Also, be sure to look at these other legal resources:
"Dealing with the Police” by the Midnight Special Law Collective
Demonstration Manual — Know Your Rights!” by the DC Justice & Solidarity Collective

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