Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ron Paul Wants A New 9/11 Investigation

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Bill Stegmeier said...

Ron Paul Suggested it!
We're doing it!

Dear Ron Paul Meetup Organizers and Members:

My name is Bill Stegmeier.

I'm a Ron Paul Meetup organizer from South Dakota.

I'm contacting every Ron Paul Meetup organizer about the

You may have heard of this upcoming event, but if not, I would
like to bring to your attention the Washington D.C. "Freedom
Rally", featuring among other speakers, our very own Ron Paul!

It's billed as the April 15th "Mass Rally in DC to Take Back

While not being exclusively about Ron Paul, it is most
certainly about the "Ron Paul Revolution" which we all credit
Dr. Paul for having "lit the fuse."

I won't go into much more detail about the April 15th Freedom
Rally, except to encourage you to do the following:

1. Check out the websites listed below to get a handle on
what's planned.
2. Google the distinguished speakers that will share the stage
with Ron Paul.
3. And then, once you are totally excited about this event,
plan a Ron Paul Meetup in D.C. for April 15th!

If your Meetup group is large enough, you may want to contact
your local charter bus company for the trip to D.C. No one has
to spend the night. Bus in, do the Rally, and bus right back
home. That's what I will be doing in my motorhome with at least
ten other patriots from the Midwest! (And hopefully a charter
bus if needed)

For those of you in Mountain or Pacific time, forget about a
bus. Charter an airliner!

You all be there now, ya hear!

Yours in Ron Paul,

Bill Stegmeier

Check out the following "Freedom Rally" websites:

(Great Freedom Rally Flier)

P.S. For a Word doc. of this message, go to:
Click on "Files", then click on "Freedom Rally"