Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Ron Paul Campaign: The Glass is Half Full, by Rand Paul

by Rand Paul MD | March 17, 2008

Analysis of Ron Paul's success or failure seems to miss the mark. Many critics point to this or that ad or this or that tactic that prevented victory. I think such analysis misses the forest for the trees.

I believe that no candidate can win the presidency without day-in and day-out, constant television coverage. In other words, unless the media grants you first tier coverage, the electorate will not vote for you in significant numbers. A large percentage of voters will not vote for a candidate they don't believe can win and that belief in "winnability" is still entirely controlled by the MSM.
That said, I think we should revel in the extraordinary successes of the campaign.

Ron Paul began with nearly zero name recognition and was relegated from the beginning by all MSM media to the second tier. I believe pundits should recognize the great strides in achieving between 5 and 10% of the vote in almost every state and receiving 11% in a Rasmussen poll running as a third party candidate. Not to mention over 20% in several caucus states, including second place in Nevada, Montana, and Louisiana.

Ron Paul's name recognition nationally now likely exceeds 50% of the electorate.

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Anonymous said...

How much MSM exposure did Abraham Lincoln get, and do you think it was all positive?

From the front lines as a delegate I can report that the fight continues for Ron Paul as our next president, and it's looking good.

If he accepts our invitation to speak at the state convention coming up next month even the mass media won't be able to ignore it. His chances are improving daily.

A Ron Paul supporter