Saturday, March 29, 2008

Help us 'Jump-Start' Goldthorpe Fundraising - Donate $20 now...

Ron Paul is looking at endorsing Linda Goldthorpe for Michigan's First Congressional District Congressional seat, currently held by Democrat, Bart Stupak (he's an eight-term, going for nine, on his way to being a lifer in Congress).

A major prerequisite of getting Ron Paul's endorsement is our ability to fund raise NOW. We must show the Ron Paul people that we can 'motivate' people to support Linda, before Ron Paul will come out and endorse her.

I know that all of you have been stellar in opening up your wallets, and donating money to furthering the cause of freedom in our country. No one said it will be easy, or cheap. Linda lines up with Dr. Paul on nearly every issue. And she's made the commitment and sacrifice to "run", which is no easy thing to do. We're doing this with or without Ron Paul's endorsement. but it would be a help to have it.

We need to raise $10,000 in the next week, at which point we'll then have a second meeting with Ron Paul's campaign for further consideration. At any given time on Daily Paul there are 500 people on the site. If everyone gave $10 or $20 right now it would be a great help towards jump-starting the fundraising machine.

Linda's spent a great deal of her own money traveling the district (which is the second largest in the U.S.A. area-wise). She's dedicated to putting in whatever it takes to win the August primary, and then to beat Stupak in November. She's the only one that has even a remote chance of beating Stupak - a very polished and savvy politician who will not give up his seat easily. The other candidates stepping up to the plate offer more of the same - war, fall in-step with party "leadership", and give the reigning powers the ok to continue with the plan, as is. We need to fight to replace much of Congress with people willing to put principle above party; willing to fight for US, and not big business and special interests.

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