Thursday, February 7, 2008

Who did 911?

I must confess that I am one of those “911 Truthers.” Having carefully researched and followed issues related to 911 since it happened, I could come to no other conclusion. From Porter Goss meeting with ISI operatives who helped fund the alleged hijackers, to Prince Bandar distributing funds that ended up in the hands of the alleged hijackers as well. Only a few degrees of separation between the alleged hijackers and the White House.

From Nick Berg meeting with some of the alleged hijackers in Oklahoma before 911, to being killed in Iraq by al Qa’eda, i.e., al CIA’da. And then al-Harby, who co-starred in the alleged “bin Laden” confession video, was fighting on the same side as the U.S. government in the Balkans, was given amnesty by the Saudi government, and his family also receives a pension from the Saudi government.

The list goes on. In my estimation, 911 was no doubt an inside job. It was Iran-Contra metastasized, which is what the U.S. government has turned into. This goes into both parties, and it involves drug dealing, gun-running, sex, prostitutes, and blackmail. A criminal syndicate, which carried out 911, using 911 as a pretext to further justify suppressing their competition, while simultaneously using newly acquired unconstitutional powers to stop anybody who might expose them.

I am convinced that when Bush talks about how his administration has been spying on “al Qa’eda,” there is an esoteric meaning behind this. Al Qa’eda=Al CIA’da. Yes, the Bush administration has been spying on al CIA’da. You know who he is spying on? Members of his own administration, journalists, high-ranking government employees, influential and powerful people that could threaten his power, and politicians. Why? To find something to blackmail these people to get them in line, or to keep them in line, and to ensure that nobody is breaking their secrecy oath. And that is the purpose behind this unconstitutional eavesdropping.

Why use torture when it is notoriously unreliable for extracting legitimate intelligence? Because it is notoriously unreliable for extracting legitimate intelligence. If the real terrorists are embedded within the U.S. government, and they are the ones running the team doing the torturing, why would they want reliable intelligence? You know, they want “intelligence” to give their own criminal syndicate some plausible deniability.

While the government uses the war on terror as a pretext to take aim at our individual rights, profiling people based upon their peaceful political views, don’t forget that the real terrorists have no ideology. Their only purpose is power and money, using criminal means to obtain it. The people really responsible for 911 are far less likely to have a Koran, or to be an environmentalist, or a gun rights proponent, than they are to be involved in the flow of drugs throughout the world.

We need a real investigation of 911, because only by exposing who was behind 911 can we prevent more terrorism from happening.[...]


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