Saturday, February 9, 2008

What caused World Trade Center 7 to collapse?

The symmetrical collapse of World Trade Center 7, which wasn’t even hit by a plane, is definitely an empirical and objective piece of information that is key to solving one of the worst crimes on American soil.

Collapse of World Trade Center 7

The official conspiracy theory suggests that somehow fires brought down World Trade Center 7. However, there is another relevant piece of information that I haven’t heard anybody mention before. In WTC 7, there was a government “anti-terrorism” command center. Many people are aware of that, and there has been speculation that this facility was tied into the execution of 911, which would have provided a motive to destroy WTC 7. But there is something else that has been overlooked: The command center was supposed to have been reinforced, bulletproof, and bomb-resistant. See: New York City’s anti-terrorism efforts go high-tech, June 7, 1999

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