Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Washington State - Your Help is Needed

osted February 5th, 2008 by Jane Aitken in Gold Rush 2008 Help Needed HQ Ron Paul Washington State
To all supporters in Washington State or those who might see a way to get out there, here is an appeal from TJ, who is heading up the Gold Rush effort there and needs your help before the Feb 9th Caucuses:

"We definitely have a chance to win Washington State. The more people volunteering here, from out of state, the better. In one district alone we have 216 precincts, and usually only 30 of those precincts have caucus goers (we have a total of 2400 or so precincts).

We also have a large list of Ron Paul supporters we need to insure are at their correct caucus location. We could basically have the delegates given to us, if we could Get Out The Vote . Otherwise, as statistics show, there will only be about 40% of those people at the caucuses! So getting out the vote is vital.

We also will need to have as many Ron Paul volunteers as we can to call in the delegate counts and what not to HQ from the caucus locations and also help out with navigating volunteers.

We've got living space available. People should pack sleeping bags, just in case. Supporters wanting to volunteer should contact this email for efficient responses and coordination."

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