Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Selection

How does twenty states count all there votes and certify them in one day?

Maine is still counting with 68% of the precints reporting. Its been two days and Paul is in third place with votes and second in more important delegates. This was broke by Nolan Chart and ABc had a brief mention on it.

So when you go to bed thinking this guy won with half the votes counted once. You will wake up to a dream or a nightmare. Ill bet on the nightmare it will be 2000 all over again people screaming I didnt vote for this guy. Thats what happend when you annouce a winner before the votes are counted.

Misleading? Maybe but thats what MSM does they spin things. People are telling me in forums that Paul only has 3% support and he finished last in every caucus. Realy? Did you check? I did and Paul finished second and third in most primarys. Was almost always ahead of Rudy and Thompson.

I watched CNN talk about Ghoulies campaign was ruined when the media ignored him for a month. That no one can run for president and be out off the loop for that long.
Realy your wrong one man can his name is RON PAUL.


Leo said...

Where did you find all that info???

The Movement said...


Leo said...

CNN.com still has Ron Paul at 5TH in NH and IA. Post a link or something, otherwise this just looks like BS.