Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ron's Strategy is Working!

Over the last few days, I have noticed some significant change in the support camp of Ron Paul. Many people (myself included) are offering their opinions as to why their favorite candidate, Ron Paul, is not doing so well in the primaries. There is a lot of talk right now about forming a new strategy, from "Ron Paul should run as a third party candidate" to "Ron Paul needs a debate coach." Whether or not we the people agree, we the people seem to share the same enthusiasm -- which is, GET RON PAUL ELECTED. And while some may be discouraged for winning any states thus far, I would like to offer everyone my own conclusion based on not how or what the strategy is -- but WHY IT'S WORKING. This might just help clear the air for many who continually support the campaign.

Whether or not you agree with all of Ron Paul's message, there is one thing that separates Ron Paul from any other candidate... and that is Ron Paul IS THE MOST RESPECTED CANDIDATE out there. And while many may support other candidates in the primaries, there is a trend that has been emerging over the last few months or so and it's growing more and more rapidly each day. I offer you to travel all over the internet to different camps, from Hillary Clinton, Obama, Romney, McCain and Huckabee and analyze what their supporters are talking about. At ALL OF THEIR FORUMS, you will see discussions of the other candidates. Many people (and rightfully so) are boosting their candidate while trying to rip apart the other candidates. McCain country wants to annihilate Romney headquarters, Clinton followers want to expose Obama, and so on and so on. But they all have one thing in common -- in every single camp, you will find MANY non Ron Paul supporters, regardless of who they support, actually RESPECT WHAT RON PAUL STANDS FOR. In fact, many of the supporters from the other campaigns, especially the Democrats, even said they WOULD CONSIDER VOTING FOR RON PAUL if their candidate didn't win rather than vote for the "other guy."

That's a pretty powerful message, wouldn't you agree? A Democrat voting for a Republican just because they hate the other nominee from the same party so much? The same thing goes for the Republicans. And while I am sure MANY of these forum threads will disappear quickly due to me exposing them to the voting world, it doesn't hide the fact that this is exactly what is occurring in the camps throughout the primaries. People are READY to move to someone else -- and MANY are thinking about Ron Paul because they absolutely despise the other candidates -- and that's putting it lightly compared to some of the posts I've read. They still don't think he can win, but it makes them feel good about voting for someone they respect who would do a better job than to vote for someone they despise just because they're from the same party or they're favored to win.

So why is this occurring? What is dividing the voters amongst Democrats and Republicans? I have two words for you -- Ron Paul. Congressman Paul has done something that is ALREADY CHANGING AMERICA. He is reminding people to look up the Constitution, and in the words of the beloved Yoda, "We must unlearn what we have learned." The people of America are doing exactly that. They are learning the choices we have about FREEDOM and what made our country so great. They are learning that we need to choose someone that we really think will do a great job in office. That it's not about sticking with your party and voting for the "The Party" no matter what. That it's ok to change sides. That it's ok to choose the best candidate. But most importantly, to serve and do what's right for "We the People." It's even catching on to people in office, such as Governor Schwarzenegger warning Republicans, "Every decision has to be based on what is the best for the people, how can I serve the people, rather than how can I serve my party."

Over the last few decades, no other primary race has been this undecided before. Even with the big turnout on the much anticipated Super Tuesday, many still believe a front runner won't be decided. And while Ron Paul may not be winning states, he is collecting delegates and winning at something much more important... Freedom and respect of the American people. His strategy IS WORKING. And when you see your favorite candidate build an alliance with another candidate for sake of the party, which could likely happen as the media is already rumoring the possibility of McCain/Huckabee vs. Clinton/Obama, remember this -- THEY HAD NO CHOICE BECAUSE THEY ARE SERVING THE PARTY, NOT THE PEOPLE. But the people are awake now, thanks to Ron Paul... and one things for certain, there isn't any supporter out there in any of the camps who wouldn't feel betrayed if their candidate were to team up with the very person they despised.

Yes, freedom is a wonderful thing... and along with that, will come the votes swinging to Ron Paul in due time, whether by brokered convention or by a third party run (which may not occur, so do not get your hopes up.) The Ron Paul strategy is working, and in fact, it's working quite beautifully if you ask me. And believe it or not, much of it was helped by the media blackout. It forced candidates to sling mud at each other while Ron Paul just -- well, he just wasn't there! Let the media expose the "Dream Teams" and start to fuel the fire I say. Let them further hold TV debates to questions for the Dream Team candidates by their supporters who simply ask "Why?!!" And we'll all be here, welcoming them with open arms because we know what it felt like before we discovered the truth. Then they'll be free to join the bandwagon of true democracy and freedom -- to devote themselves in support of Ron Paul.

Bottom line -- Who would have thought that such a simple thing known as the truth could win an election? Ron Paul, that's who....


Anonymous said...

A Fantastic point and very well put!!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post. Love it. Spread it far and wide. Let everyone know we love liberty.

Michael said...

The headline really caught my attention, since NOTHING he is doing is working! I'm sorry, but Ron Paul is not going to win. Sorry to break it to you for the first time.