Monday, February 4, 2008

Ron Paul Second in Maine State Delegates with 35%

The final State Caucus before Super Tuesday is projected to be won by Governor Mitt Romney based on 74% of the presidential preference poll votes in Mitt Romney has 52%. There's a battle for second place, in popular votes, going on between Ron Paul and John McCain. As of 4:34est the Maine Republican Party website showed there were just 154 votes separating the two with over 25% of the caucus locations still to report in.

According to a press release by Jesse Benton, of the Ron Paul campaign, the Texas Congressman, with his message of liberty and freedom, has already picked up 215 of the total 608 Maine state delegates. This number could increase as results come in from the final 6 counties. 35% of the state delegates place him second behind Mitt Romney even though McCain has a slight lead in the popular vote. There is no way for John McCain to catch Ron Paul in state delegate count even if he holds on to his slim lead in polling simply based on cities and caucus locations already won by Ron Paul

wtf??? where did my video go???

I posted the video 3 hours ago and its gone.. The player is still embeded in my page, but its a link and links to the source where the video is missing?

What did they do too my video?

It had a reporter stating that that Paul finished second and has a majority off the delegates.

I think it the ABC affiliate from maine area

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