Friday, February 8, 2008

Ron Paul says NO 3rd Party Run

Ron Paul will not run as a third party candidate. I was on his national conference call last night and he said himself, "we don't want to lose my congressional seat". He said he would continue in the Republican Presidential primary as long as the money and support are there, just like he's been saying. But he very specifically mentioned his congressional seat and he was taking care of various votes and other business in congress the last couple days to ensure he would be ready for the primary vote for his seat in Texas next month. Texas has the "LBJ" law which allows anyone to run for congress and President at the same time. This is what Dr. Paul is doing and he cannot run as a third party candidate for President while running as a Republican for congress, the Texas Republican party would toss him out. So forget any talk about a third party run! It's collect as many delegates as possible, get Dr. Paul a prime time speech during the RNC and get as much into the Republican platform as possible. End of story, that's what we have to concentrate on.

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