Friday, February 15, 2008

Olbermann Goes Off On FISA

Today the Democrates and many Republicans decided to stop letting Bush Dictate Them & Its News like this that makes many stand up and say!!!!!!ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Keith is a shill...if your buying this crap your stupid. Sure it sounds good but, its just meant to seem at odds with Fox News, keep you watching, atleast one network or another. So you may decide to watch msnbc over Fox....they still have you!... to spread the rest of their disinfo. TURN OFF THE TV...ITS ALL LIES...EVERY WORD! Youll NEVER hear Olbermann talk about how many politicians are in the CFR, EVER. Or that every member of the CFR should be HUNG by nightfall TODAY! Anyone believing Olbermann is doing anything other than playing his part is a twit

Anonymous said...

Whats the difference, whether Olberman is a shill or not! Stupid argument!

Olberman, for whatever reason did GREAT!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Olbermann will make a good speech, and then do a softball interview with Hillary.

He perpetuates the "two party" lie.

It is just one party playing both sides against the middle.