Thursday, February 7, 2008

How Lincoln the Underdog Won the Brokered Convention of 1860

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Though this article doesn't state it, I believe Lincoln only had 22 delegates (someone correct me if I am wrong) going into the convention and he was the underdog......sound familiar?......And guess who wound up winning?

One of the most interesting American political stories involves the nomination of Abraham Lincoln to be the Republican party's candidate for President of the United States in 1860. This was the Republican party's second presidential convention, and the man everyone expected to receive the nomination was the powerful and well-known William H. Seward of New York.

Abraham Lincoln, although having recently been introduced to eastern audiences through a series of political speeches in New England, and prior to that having gained some fame due to his participation in "the Great Debates" with Stephen A. Douglas, was not considered a serious contender for the appointment. How he and his political team brought him from "dark horse" contender to the victor is the subject of the following article.

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After you've been inspired, then click here to read an excellent article on how the delegate system works, and how we just might be able to pull a Lincoln!

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