Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Focus on the Family corrects their mistake

« Ron Paul in the MySpace/MTV forum Focus on the Family corrects their “mistake”
I will now give a little bit of credit to Focus on the Family’s Citizen Link for adding Ron Paul to the Republican candidates. The link is here:

Originally, Focus on the Family included Romney, Huckabee, McCain, and Giuliani, but no Ron Paul. Since I wrote my original post, they have added Ron Paul to the list of Republican candidates.

Their coverage of Ron Paul and his issues is very shallow. They refer to Ron Paul as sounding like a Democrat because he is antiwar. Yet, the war policy has been embraced and actively supported by most of the Democrats in the Congress and the Senate, including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Both Hillary and Barack have voted to continue funding the war. The Democrats have helped obfuscate the war issue by saying that they are incapable of ending the war without a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate (i.e., 60 Senators). That is a lie, a damn lie. The war won’t be ended until it is defunded, which requires blocking legislation. They need not pass anything. The bills the Democrats offer up are not bills to end the war, but war funding bills disguised as “antiwar” because they contain pseudo-withdrawal timelines, etc.

Focus on the Family’s Citizen Link also goes out of their way to point out that Ron Paul is opposed to a federal marriage amendment. There is good reason to oppose such a measure. Allowing the federal government to define marriage also brings with it the power for the federal government to impose same-sex marriage/civil union privileges upon homosexual couples. The only reason why the entire homosexual marriage issue has become such a divisive issue is precisely because the government has assumed the power to define marriage. The government now has the power to bestow privileges upon same-sex couples. The last thing we need is for this to become a federal issue. In the free market, Christians could exercise their right to not recognize same-sex marriage as often as they would like. In other words: Focus on the Family misses the point that it is state power that has been used to help destroy the family.

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