Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dr. Paul calls for a march on Washington D.C

In this newly released video, Ron Paul: Going the Distance, Dr. Paul calls for a march on Washington D.C. very soon!

Giving a campaign video update Ron Paul set a goal for those involved in the revolution. After going through several updates and plans Dr. Paul set down a call to action, a march on Washington D.C. and he wants to get it organized within the next 3 to 4 months. You can watch the update and announcement BELOW, Ron Paul: Going the Distance.

In an email update a few days ago he mentioned other plans that would require his supporters standing by his side. Citing a lot of the great musical and speaking talents unveiled by supporters across the country he saw no reason a march on D.C. could not become a critical show of solidarity. Doing this prior to the Republican Convention in September is critical.

He talked about his need to campaign in his congressional district for the March 4th Texas primary. He points to different successes of the campaign and what was left to do. Dr. Paul referenced news articles themed on how the Ron Paul campaign was winning. It is the hearts and souls of the people, being awakened to the message of liberty, are the real win. He knows we must stay in this race to really save this country, restore the Constitution, and turn the nation around. His appreciation for all the volunteers was genuine and sincere. Pressing how important it is to continue the fight and not let all the hard work go for naught led into his announcement.

"Freedom and peace lead us to prosperity," he stated. This is, in part, the message of the campaign. He understands the effort was never about Ron Paul it is about the message. His proposal to march on Washington D.C., "A grand display..." is a critical aspect of keeping this movement alive. By doing this before the convention the people embracing the message can truly impact the tone and direction of the convention as well as the Presidential election. "It sends a powerful message that the media cannot ignore. Its risky...but we need to make a grand stand..." Listen to the video and then stay tuned for further details! This is an exciting idea, support the march.

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