Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Could Ron Paul Lose His Congressional Seat?

Despite millions of dollars and devoted online support, Ron Paul’s idiosyncratic campaign for the Republican presidential candidacy never caught fire. Now, polls show Dr. Paul falling behind relatively unknown challenger Chris Peden in his 14th Texas District endangering his congressional seat in the Texas primary. Roger L. Simon interviewed challenger Peden exclusively for Pajamas Media.

Some may call it poetic justice, others may call it unfair, but Ron Paul is in the fight of his political life, but it’s not for the presidency. It’s to stay in Congress from his own district.

While pursuing his thus far quixotic quest for the presidency, Congressman Paul has fallen behind by over ten points in the polls (43-32) in the fight for the Republican nomination in the Texas 14th to challenger Chris Peden, according to internal polls from both campaigns, which Pajamas Media was told were quite similar. Peden is a 43-year old CPA and city councilman from Friendswood, Texas. The primary takes place on March 4.

With reports for January 2008 not yet out, Congressman Paul has spent (according to OpenSecrets.org) $20,262,084 on his presidential campaign - well over a million dollars per delegate (he has 14 to John McCain’s 903). Paul still has nearly eight million in his presidential war chest, possibly more when the new report comes out on Feb. 20, but cannot use any of it in his contest against Peden unless the OBGYN-politician drops out of the presidential race.

In an exclusive interview with Pajamas Media, Chris Peden said Paul is unlikely to forego his long shot pursuit of the presidency because to do so would mean he would not be able to make a coveted speech before the Republican Convention this September in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

But Paul would be well advised to reconsider. His over ten-year incumbency in the 14th District – which spans ten counties of South Texas with 675 miles of coastline – is in jeopardy for several reasons, not the least of which, Peden told PJM, is the reconfiguration of the 14th itself. Since 2004, it not only includes Galveston but suburban Houston as well, coming within six miles of NASA headquarters with many of the space agency’s employees now within the district. Paul is known for opposing funding for NASA, calling it unconstitutional.

Paul’s supporters themselves seem to be worried. They have switched fund-raising efforts on their website The Daily Paul in recent days from the presidency to his congressional race.

Meanwhile, frontrunner Peden plans to expose many other of Dr. Paul’s positions to his constituents, which the challenger says have received little coverage by mainstream media. This, of course, could include the as yet unsolved mystery of the racially controversial newsletters authored under Paul’s name during the nineties. Paul claims to have forgotten who wrote them.

But number one among the issues, Peden said in his interview, is this: “I’m not running for Commander-In-Chief, and so once the decision was made to put troops in Iraq, and that decision, by the way, was made by Congress, then I would never vote to not send them body armor and the equipment they needed to be successful. That is the one area that Ron Paul and I are vastly different.”


TimJenne said...

The polls are rigged you know that. We gave enough in one day to freak out Mr Peden. Lies will come out.

The Movement said...

We need to take control of counting. Their our Elections we should be running them.

I wouldnt question Paul's support its off the charts. I know it will come down to DIEBOLD.

They dont listen to Congress anyway, I think there going after his office to make him appear less legit.

Anonymous said...

If Paul loses, it will be a travesty. He is one of the few rational voices in congress.

No one talks about the biggest issue that is facing this country. We are over 9 Trillion dollars in debt. When does it stop going up? When do we start paying that money back? How do we start paying that money back?

The value of the dollar keeps declining. When does it stop going down? How do we stop the decline?

No one is talking about solving these problems except Ron Paul. Assume that these trends continue (and until I here otherwise, there is no reason to believe that they won't continue). Where are we in 5, 10, 20 years from now.

The National Debt was 4.8 Trillion just 7 years ago, now it's at 9.3 Trillion. In 20 years it could be well over 20 Trillion Dollars!!!

Our dollar is not backed by anything. No gold, no silver. The Federal Reserve is allowed to print more whenever it wants. The more they print, the less it's worth.

When does it stop?

No one is talking about it now. Do we cross our fingers and hope for the best? Or do we wait until this country is on the verge of an economic crash. Unfortunately by then it will be too late. It will make the great depression feel like a rainy day.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Really good post!