Sunday, February 3, 2008

Connecticut RP supporters

I just got this email from the New Haven CT Meetup. Please donate. They are working hard to get out the vote.

Hello CT Liberty!

I've been helping to bring out CT voters via our incredibly effective Call-4-Paul system over the last week. Call-4-Paul autodialers have been in touch with 850,000 CT voters and we're on schedule to reach the 1.2 Million CT voters in our list by Super Tuesday. Bryan Tracy has organized our Hamden office for this effort, and now we are virtual, so you can talk to voters from your home!

We need more help, as we're behind in our fund raising. There's a new, more effective Call-4-Paul ChipIn:


This ChipIn goes directly to the Call-4-Paul fund and avoids a 3% PayPal to PayPal fee, so your dollars go farther. Remember, even $10 reaches 500 voters, so no donation is too small! Please give generously in our push to reach all CT voters by Super Tuesday.

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