Wednesday, February 6, 2008

CNN: Reports Voting Problems

Cnn 7:43 A.M.,
Reported that theres voting problems in several places. They said ballots were switched in Tennessee with no explantion and polls were closed when people showed up. The only thing I found so far was Thompson was still on the ballot. And a bunch of crap about the storms. It will hit youtube later.

I love how they flash something important and never get into detail. Its been 15 mins and they havent told me about the voting problems.

Here you go reported by the A.P. It says they photocopyied ballots. I bet they count.
Its a sugarcoated article but it reveals problems. Cnn later said that 113,000 people voted for GHOULIE in California

"More than 5 million people have requested mail-in ballots in California, where there are 15.7 million registered voters. Election officials in the most populated and delegate-rich state in the country have said results may not be available until Wednesday or later."

As much as 25 percent of the overall vote may go uncounted Tuesday night, officials said.,5143,695250546,00.html

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