Saturday, February 9, 2008

Bushs Tax Rebates

I have noticed how the political lexicon has consistently gotten worse and worse, by morphing meanings of words into completely different things. If the government were to cut spending, that has sinisterly been referred to as a “tax increase.” If the government increases spending, that has been conflated with “investment” and “tax cuts.” And tax cuts are called “spending increases.”

The latest is Bush’s tax “rebate.” Calling it a tax “rebate” sanitizes what it truly is in the minds of so many rank-and-file Republicans. Simply, it is nothing but more of the same problem, which is government spending. Tax rebates is euphemistic for government spending.

And BTW, Bush hasn’t cut taxes. Federal government spending has gone from below $2 trillion per year to now $3 trillion–only counting on budget items. This represents a gigantic tax increase, since it will be paid for one way or another. To help finance the spending orgy, the politicians just arrange to print more money–i.e., inflation. There is no objective difference between the government taking the money in your pocket and the government duplicating the money you have in your pocket, consequently devaluing what you have. We feel the inflation tax with higher prices and a higher cost of living.

If all the politicians do is cut apparent, or transparent, taxes, while leaving the spending orgy intact, then this increases the stealth tax of inflation. Republicans need to stop conflating cuts in particular taxes with a cut in the overall tax burden. Bush and his Republican Congress have been socialists on steroids, raising taxes dramatically. Stop letting Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham, et al., dupe you!

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