Saturday, February 9, 2008

Ambassador Alan Keyes Disses All Republicans

Ambassador, it’s a pleasure to have you with us today. Jumping right in, it’s been suggested that candidates from both parties have seen their campaigns marginalized by mainstream media coverage, often relying on the growing influence of the internet to compete alongside their media-approved peers. Fox News in particular was heavily criticized for excluding fellow Republican candidate Ron Paul from their New Hampshire debate.

On the Republican side, we’ve seen the downfall of more popular candidates once thought inevitable by many, as well as the success of traditionally second-tier candidates. Do you think this points to the natural evolution of the nominating process?

Alan Keyes: This is not a naturally evolving nominating process, but a manipulated sham, especially on the Republican side. The Republican leadership has lost the trust of the party’s grassroots base. They failed to keep their promises of fiscal responsibility and budget restraint. They betrayed the sovereignty of the American people by failing to maintain control of the borders of the United States. In order to deal with the tide of illegal immigration produced by their laxity they then proposed to license a demographic invasion of the United States in order to provide low cost labor to benefit the money interests that finance their political ambitions.

None of the candidates offered in this election cycle represent the consistent, principled and coherent conservatism that drew many people to the Republican party during the Reagan era. Giuliani represented the abandonment of the party’s reliance on American moral principle; Romney represents a blatant attempt to deceive moral conservatives into supporting someone whose entire political career has been dedicated to the promotion of the same morally repugnant positions espoused by Clinton, Obama and the Democrats in general. John McCain is a proven enemy of the grassroots political action that has been the mainstay of conservatism for several decades. He has also been a key figure in the effort to betray the sovereignty of the people on the border and immigration issues. Mike Huckabee’s record as governor shows him to be a government expanding, free spending advocate of big government approaches in every area. He also supported the betrayal of the sovereignty of the people when it comes to border security and immigration. Ron Paul preaches the abandonment of Ronald Reagan’s commitment to America’s leadership role in the world, a position that is both dangerous and morally irresponsible.

Each of these candidates represents the abandonment of a key element of conservative principle or policy that is vital to America’s strength and the survival of constitutional liberty. My voice is being carefully stifled in order to prevent grassroots Republicans from realizing that there is a complete, consistent conservative choice available, one truly committed to the things they believe (not fabricating positions that contradict all their past actions just to win votes.)


Yasir said...

"Ron Paul preaches the abandonment of Ronald Reagan’s commitment to America’s leadership role in the world, a position that is both dangerous and morally irresponsible."

Excuse me Ambassador but where do you get this idea about Dr. Paul? Quite the contrary Dr. Ron Paul is for ending the war and improving the US standings in the world.

Leo said...

If anything, Dr. Paul was preaching the SAME message Reagan did: America is the shining city on a hill for the world to admire and just doesn't take us FORCING ourselves on the rest of the world to do it!