Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The IRS Gripes Snipes

After being indicted over a year ago, Wesley Snipes had his day in court. Literally a day. After speculation about what celebrities were going to arrive in Florida for his trial on Monday, the defense team rested, calling no witnesses.The trial has been short, and greatly overlooked by the MSM and the alternative media, which is interesting because, last week there were reports about a 600 page letter that Snipes allegedly wrote after being indicted. Since then the truth has become more clear, the letter was actually 28 pages with a 600 page attachment, including the book,AN INVESTIGATION INTO THE MEANING OF THE TERM ‘UNITED STATES.’ In the letter Snipes is reported as saying that he had “no ill intent,” but clearly felt that the IRS did, “The IRS deceives people to ‘terrorize, enslave, rape or pillage’ taxpayers.”

But the letter reveals much more, he claims that his name is not WESLEY TRENT SNIPES, but it is Wesley Trent Snipes. He even stated that he has no SS number and no tax ID number, these moves are foreign to most, but to some it is the biggest leap towards freedom that any man could make, and it is likely the reason that this trial is has been ignored.

People are fighting the system by dropping out of it. When our names appear in all caps, it is not actually our name, but a government created corporation cleverly disguised to resemble our names. We all participate in this illusion, like when we accept credit cards and State issed ID, but Wesley Snipes seems to have stopped participating and that became unacceptable to the IRS.

On Tuesday the court heard the closing arguments, and Wednesday a jury will decide if Snipes is guilty of the six counts of failing to file tax returns, two of fraudulently claiming tax refunds and one of conspiracy to defraud the government. He is facing sixteen years in prison.The most interesting comments yesterday came from Snipes in a People magazine article,

When asked if he plans on paying his taxes when the trial is over, Snipes told PEOPLE he remains confused as to what the IRS wants of him.”I’ve always been paying my taxes and I’ve always been trying to comply,” he says. “This question is, did they tell you what you’re supposed to do to comply? We should be able to go to our government and get clear answers.”

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