Thursday, January 31, 2008

CNN's 'The McRomney Show'

Posted January 30th, 2008 by manystrom
CNN billed it as a "debate" but it was really just a showcase for McCain and Romney to bicker and argue amongst themselves about irrelevant issues. It was CNN's McRomney show. The old media has already made up its mind about who the so called "front runners" are, and they are attempting to brainwash the general public. But the old media is not all powerful. Remember, tonight's show used to be called the Rudy McRomney show. What ever happened to that guy? For all its efforts, the old media couldn't get us to swallow Rudy as anything more than just a fringe candidate.

People, the old media isn't going to do it for us. In fact -- as you can see -- they're going to actively resist us. We have to be Ron Paul's media, going door to door and talking to people about Ron Paul. Go to the campaign site and sign up to become a precinct leader. You'll get a list of Independent and Republican citizens in your neighborhood. Go out and meet them. Give them literature. Talk to them. Get to them this weekend, just before the big vote in Super Tuesday states. You saw what we get from the old media: More of the same. The endless McRomney show. We must be the new media, spreading the news the old fashioned way -- one person at a time.

Further, the campaign should consider a one-on-one debate with Mike Huckabee. Huckabee made it clear how frustrated he was as well during tonight's McRomney Show. Huckabee differs little from the other two, so it would be an excellent chance for Dr. Paul to get his views out and contrast them with so-called "mainstream" ideas. The debate could simply be put up online, and would of course be an instant internet sensation. I'm sure Mike would like to get in on some of the r3VOLution's attention. Most importantly, it would force old media institutions like CNN to change their ways from merely presenting their favorite candidates, to actually engaging in real debate.

In the interest of increased public discourse and education, I hope that both the Paul & Huckabee campaigns will consider such a plan.

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